The snorkeling trip is designed for show the coastline of Alghero and swimming into the most beautiful bays in that area, accessible only by sea. Snorkeling is a funny sport, with no age limit and it's a good approach, easy and safety, to bring confidence with the marine world. This tour offers a different routes along the coast, long about 2h and 30 minutes. During this time is possible stop twice for relax, take sun and swimming in a really crystal clear waters, where you can see, from the surface, a good range of colors and marine life of shallow depht.
The equipment includes mask, snorkel, fins and, if you need, the life jacket.
Snorkeling is a simple activity to enjoy with friends, family or ... why not !! .. make new friends.
If you never tried, there is a chance to practice in the pool, in front of the beach, or directly in excursion.
The guide will remain in the boat to offer any assistance you need.